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14:11 22 May 24
I have done business with Betz Jewelers for over 35 years. In my opinion, Betz is the Best! They have always done for me exactly what I’ve asked, at a fair price. I trust them totally and completely to take care of my jewelry needs.
Michelle Heck
11:30 22 May 24
Betz Jewelers is absolutely the best. The people are the most knowledgeable and friendly you will meet anywhere. No matter the occasions or price range I’m shopping for, I’m always able to find an amazing gift. Highly recommend!
Alese Thompson
02:55 22 May 24
Betz is quite frankly the best jewelry store in town. They have been my go-to jewelry store since we went engagement ring shopping almost a decade ago and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for better selection, customer service or repair work. They did an excellent job repurposing a ring that was my grandmothers and I get compliments on it all the time. I’m proud to tell everyone who made it! Thanks for being simply amazing at what you do. 💜
Jaime Palmer
02:38 22 May 24
Fantastic service - during a complimentary cleaning, jeweler Dave identified a dangerously worn prong. A quick repair at a very reasonable charge, and my diamond is protected and my ring is shining beautifully! Love the team, from owners to retail staff. 5 Stars!
Nancy Allison
21:26 21 May 24
I have been a Betz customer for many years! They have designed, redesigned and repaired many beautiful pieces of jewelry for me. From necklaces to rings, I have always been pleased with the talents and help that Betz Jewelers has provided over many years. Congratulations on your Small Business of the Year accomplishment!
Dennis Hazelrigg
15:05 18 May 24
Why do I choose Betz…??? The personal service…everything they have in the display case is beautiful, but it’s the personal assistance to ensure it will complement my significant other and her style that makes the difference . They get to know you and share in your joy of gifting their treasures. They are excellent jewelers, but they are even better people. They are my only choice for all my jewelry needs.Dennis H.
fowler pat
14:40 16 Mar 24
When we realized we did not know the difference between costume costume and genuine stones and settings, we took our Mom's jewelry to David at Betz for his assessment. He was helpful and kind in determining what had real value and what had mostly sentimental value. And the best news yet, I had been looking for a jeweler to re-knot/re-string my grandmother's pearls. Dropping them off today. Thank you Betz Jewelers for giving my Nana pearls another 40 years. - Pat
Odilia Omasta
17:15 21 Feb 24
Rachel (2) Went above and beyond in helping me find my Cordova pendant for my family necklace. She knew exactly was I was looking for and let me know as soon as it came in to the store. Great customer service and very friendly associates to help with all your jewelry needs. Strongly recommend.
Sara Diedrich
15:04 07 Feb 24
My daughter gave me a Mickey Mouse watch for Christmas that I absolutely adore because I’ve worn fun watches most of my adult life and more importantly, this one came from my daughter. The problem was the black leather band was way, WAY too big for my wrist. But I began wearing it anyway, despite the fact that it swung from my wrist like a bracelet, clunking into my keyboard at work. I knew I needed to find a solution. I considered a new band, but the one the watch came with was a really nice leather band. So, I thought, maybe someone could drill a couple holes in the band and adjust the size. I first went to Dawson’s Shoe Repair, thinking they might have tool that could do the trick. But they were afraid their tools would make the holes too large, causing the watch to come loose from my wrist and fall. They recommended Betz Jewelers. I hadn’t even considered them because they sell fine jewelry, and I was afraid they might think me sort of silly coming in as grown woman with a Mickey Mouse watch, dangling off my wrist. I was SO wrong! I walked in and was treated with as much respect as a customer coming in to purchase a diamond ring. The woman behind the counter took my watch, carried it to the jeweler in back and within seconds, I could hear him working his magic on my beloved Mickey Mouse watch. I was so excited, I cheered out loud. When he was done, I put the watch back on, and it fit like a charm -- and they didn’t charge me a penny!! Betz Jewelers made my day – and a big shout out, too, to Dawson’s Shoe Repair for supporting another local business. Sometimes, it’s these simple interactions – no matter how small -- that spark so much goodness in the world. Just being kind and providing a simple service because it will make someone else happy. Thank you, Betz Jewelers.
adam Pinkle
14:08 19 Jan 24
Rob and his team have always taken great care of my wife’s rings. Their attention to detail and amazing customer service is the reason we keep going back to Betz. They exceed our expectations each time we go into the store. I highly recommend Betz Jewelers for anything from a ring cleaning to purchasing new jewelry to wear. The team is amazing!
Carlton Wexler
22:38 24 Nov 23
they were absolutely amazing!! i went in to get my grandpa’s old watch battery replaced and it took 5 minutes!! they were super helpful and very friendly. they were extremely knowledgeable and super friendly! LC betz is by far the best jeweler in town and i would highly recommend you buy from them!
Angela Korschgen
00:44 02 Nov 23
After my mom died, I took her wedding ring and wind-up Timex watch in to be cleaned. They gave as much attention and care to her inexpensive Timex watch as they did to her wedding ring, which was just as important to me for sentimental reasons.Today, my stepdaughter had a necklace and bracelet set given to her by her aunt. She asked if I knew of a jeweler who would clean it for her. I took it in and they cleaned it right then and there! They also procured a a box for her to use, to safely transport in her luggage, another necklace gifted to her.We truly appreciate the attention given to our pieces, and highly recommend using Betz Jewelers for any of your jewelry needs!!
Emily Beth
01:11 04 Oct 23
I am currently living in Florida, but one of my first stops any time I come home to COMO is LC Betz to make sure my stones are all safe. I don't have much jewelry, just family heirlooms, but Rob and all those at LC Betz are the only jewelers I trust to take care of my very precious stones.This last visit was exceptional, as we were driving into St. Louis my necklace broke, knowing I only had a few days in town we rushed it to the shop. Rob and his team did everything to make sure I was wearing my necklace home to Florida.Excellent service always.They treat every piece like it was their own piece and every person with the utmost respect, no matter the size of the job.
Kent Branson
19:07 12 Sep 23
Stopped in today for a battery for a watch. Wasnt a huge rush, and sure not a big money making item for them. Was greeted by the most pleasant people, and a gentleman that stopped what he was doing and took my watch to the backand was gone for a couple of minutes with the new battery installed, even took time to set the correct time and date on it. Like I said wasn't going to be a big ticket item for them, but was treated like fist class in there. Would recommend them to everyone!
Thomas Dick
15:47 31 Aug 23
Betz Jewelers is terrific! They provide outstanding customer service. They listen well and will take care of your needs. The store is bright and friendly. There is parking behind the building on the north side. It was my first visit and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
shay ochoa
15:41 18 Aug 23
I’d been searching for my wedding ring for years. Countless stores, hundreds of hours online. Nothing was “just right”, I needed something I wanted to wear every day for the rest of my life! My mother recommended Betz jewelers after hearing of my predicament. I’d been trying to get there but my schedule conflicted with their operating hours. I finally made it there, ten minutes before closing on a Saturday. I apologized for coming in so late, said I knew I wasn’t going to find my ring but that I just wanted to get an idea of what they had.Robert asked what I liked, I told him, and within about thirty seconds, I had my ring!They have a great selection of jewelry to fit even the pickiest of shoppers and I’ll definitely be back soon to check out the estate pieces.
Sarah Loeb
15:12 18 Aug 23
We love Betz Jewelers and have been going there for years. The store is beautiful with an impressive display of jewelry for anyone's taste and budget. The craftsmanship of custom work we have had done is top knotch. Every employee is not only professional and very knowledgeable but also so kind and such a joy to work with. You can tell they love what they do. I have a great experience every time I go in! I always recommend Betz Jewelers to my family and friends. Truly the best!
Melanie Fries
22:21 02 Aug 23
Staff is always cheerful and helpful. Robert and Rachel have volumes of knowledge and experience with their beautiful jewels. For my most recent 5star experience, Robert, with Rachel's assistance, provided information about a collection estate jewelry I brought in. Highly recommend!
Ashley White
15:41 24 Jul 23
I had a wonderful first experience at LC Betz! I came in with a unique request and David took on the challenge and assisted me patiently throughout the process. All of the staff were very welcoming and made me feel right at home. I highly recommend Betz Jewelers!
03:02 26 May 23
I am so grateful for L C Betz. My husband had my engagement ring custom made there and it is perfect. I then went in there and had my wedding band custom made as well. I was so happy they were able to bring my vision to life. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. This has become the only place I will go for jewelryAddition. 4 years later. I just went and had an amazing piece made! I had two rings melted into a new band. Rachel was helpful and was able to make my vision of a new ring come to life. Able to build the perfect ring within my budget but still bring the wow factor. I cannot recommend them enough. Still only place we go!
Vicki Dunscombe
17:47 25 May 23
Betz is the only jeweler I do business with. Every time I go in, I find something beautiful for my husband to purchase. Even if all I want is to have my rings cleaned or the settings checked, I am always treated like a valued customer. I highly recommend Betz Jewlery for their beautiful merchandise, for their helpful personnel, for their trustworthiness.
Jason Green
00:55 31 Jan 23
Betz Jewelers makes the experience of buying jewelry easy and I can always trust that the finished product will be the very best in the business. I reach out to them with an idea and they see that idea of mine through to production and the result is just phenomenal every time. And every visit to their store is met with a comfortable welcome and a professional experience resulting in a rewarding outcome. I would not even entertain shopping for jewelry elsewhere and I am already looking forward to my next visit. Thanks for being so awesome in every facet Betz (David Rubenstein to be more specific!) Much appreciated!!!
Charlotte Frevert
17:05 22 Dec 22
Amazing shop with anything you could want. The highest quality of diamonds and stones beautiful jewelry. The staff is always friendly and trustworthy. They care about the individual person and just like being family. Customers 30 plus years. My husband wants quality and Betz has it I am so fortunate to have many amazing pieces.David is our go to guy and has always went above and beyond. Love this place.
Matthew Jenkins
19:28 09 Dec 22
Atmosphere is calm and great. Never once did I feel rushed to select my fiancé’s engagement ring after spending a total of 3-4 hours looking over the same few rings and diamonds.Selections are great and if you don’t know what you want, trust that they will actually help you while not trying to sell you something you don’t want. I was also worked with to keep within my budget.I mostly dealt with Rachel G. but spoke with others and they are equally as nice and helpful. Made this once in a lifetime experience fun and memorable!Thank you
Shelby Mustain
17:39 20 May 22
Went into Betz Jewelers looking to build a custom engagement ring and personally had no knowledge on how the process worked or if what I wanted was even possible. Robert made it sound easy did an excellent job talking us through the process and where to start. Robert then worked extremely hard to find the unique stones I envisioned and made them a reality. I was given several options and the ability to see renderings before committing to the actual ring. Such an enjoyable, fun, and easy experience at Betz Jewelers. So happy we decided to go to Betz for this special experience. The ring is everything I could have dreamed of and more. Thank you Robert and everyone at Betz Jewelers
sharilyn reedy
00:03 10 Feb 22
My wedding ring became damaged several years ago and I returned to the original jeweler for repair. I was so sad to learn the options were to have ring totally remade (due to the type of setting) or purchase a new ring altogether. I became paralyzed, unable to make a decision due to the emotional attachment and meaning my wedding ring carried. I set my ring aside and waited for the courage to make a decision.Recently, I decided to get a second opinion from Betz. I just picked up my ring today. It looks perfect and seems even more beautiful than ever! It was repaired in less than one week and did not require the whole ring to be remade. I am so thankful! My heart is happy. My only regret is not going to Betz two years ago!!
Alison Lerch
14:52 08 Feb 22
I have been shopping at Betz Jewelers for over 10 years and have yet find a more professional and knowledgable jeweler. My engagement and wedding rings are 100 years old and Betz did a perfect job fusing them together to make one beautiful piece. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind customer relationships, go here!
Ryan Toebben
22:30 19 Jan 22
I contacted Betz for help picking out an engagement ring. Robert responded, he took great care explaining the various aspects of diamonds, and the differences in quality. He showed me various stones within my price range, and helped me pick the perfect stone, and setting. I highly recommend him if you're looking to make an informed purchase from a reputable jeweler.
Jacob Nicholson
16:49 18 Jan 22
Brought in my cheapest watch for a repair to the clasp and the employees here treated me like I’d brought in a valuable piece. Did the repair fast and did it right! Would recommend!
Sharon Turner
13:57 16 Dec 21
I just purchased a beautiful Christmas gift at Betz Jewelers. My husband and I have always appreciated the selection and price range of their jewelry to accommodate everyone on our list. They provided lovely gift wrapping which is a huge help this time of year. We also had a watch battery replaced with rings checked and cleaned. Their service is exceptional, friendliness is top notch! I would strongly encourage others to stop by and experience the Betz treatment... you will not find this anywhere else.
Chase Medley
19:53 13 Oct 21
Today I stopped by hoping to drop off my watch to have a few links removed so that it would fit me properly, but to my surprise the staff was willing to help me right then and there! Robert was extremely helpful today and after my watch still didn't quite fit after the first attempt, he was more than happy to go back a second time to ensure it would perfectly! 10/10 experience, if you need your watch adjusted, do not hesitate to stop by here!
Faizal Glenn
20:50 10 Aug 21
I went to Betz to have a custom engagement made for my fiancee. David and Rachel made the entire experience a pleasure. When the ring arrived I was genuinely shocked at how beautiful it was. If you're thinking about having a piece of custom jewelry made, I highly recommend Betz Jewelers.
One-Eye Golfer
23:05 21 Jul 21
Robert wrote down all of the details I threw at him and came up with a combination of the type of stone setting I wanted with the number of stones I required; going so far as to order them separately. Rachel was amazing in showing everything to me and getting the order placed.Everything came together in just a couple weeks well within budget.Outstanding service.
Boone Sapp
18:13 21 Jul 21
I recently purchased an engagement ring and the process was seamless thanks to Rob and Rachel. They answered every single question that I had and were more that happy to help me. Betz is a one stop shop for anything you need done, the sizing process was a day at the most for me. Plus they went the extra mile to have the ring done in time for my vacation for which I was going to propose on. Hands down 100% recommend.
Ericka Oliver
23:46 15 Jul 21
My husband brought me to the store to pick out an anniversary gift. The salesman was very polite, patient and very helpful. After letting me try on and see everything that fancied me I settled on all 5 of the magnetic bracelets. I love them so much and get so many compliments on them!!
Jordan Wright
00:27 11 Jul 21
I have 2 rings from Betz and they are both beautiful! The first band we purchased from them was when I had my daughter. I contacted Rob and told him I wanted something with both diamonds and my daughters birthstone. He immediately was on top of it and had some designs and ideas back to me in a couple days that were within our budget. My husband then surprised me a few years later with another diamond band for a right hand ring. Anyone that mentions they are looking for jewelry I always will recommend Betz! They are family and will always take care of their customers and truly listen to them.
Bree C
15:33 05 Jul 21
My new wedding ring was made by Rob Flynn at Betz Jewelers. A local jeweler is super important to us, and since my grandma's stones were lost, remaking my original ring wouldn't have ever been the same. Rob listened to my needs, concerns and watched me pick out styles I loved. He then created a gorgeous piece that incorporated every element we wanted, including a nod to our daughter. Working with them felt like family and they helped me navigate insurance too. All ended so wonderfully, and we now have a local jeweler to take care of us for life!
Deann Coffman
01:54 28 Jun 21
We stopped in just to look at engagement rings. Not ready to purchase, but wanted to see the varieties. The staff was very courteous and knowledgeable. We explained we were just looking and they were not trying to push us into buying. I appreciate the kindness and respect they showed. Will definitely go back when we are ready to buy.
Lisa Hussey
21:23 25 Jun 21
I went to Betz Jewelers for the first time a couple of weeks ago and they were fantastic! They put new batteries in 5 of my watches and cleaned my wedding ring. They were friendly, fast, and affordable. The location of the business is very convenient and easy to get to. Definitely going back again soon!
Emily Baskett
17:33 25 Jun 21
I’ve always had great experiences at Betz Jewelers. The staff are welcoming, friendly, and very knowledgeable. It’s always an enjoyable shopping experience and I look forward to any opportunity to swing by their lovely shop and browse their beautiful selection. I’ve bought quality, well priced jewelry from Betz Jewelers and also had jewelry repaired there as well. I highly recommend Betz Jewelers.
Emily Poplawski
02:15 09 May 21
Two years ago I contacted Betz Jewelers about replacing a diamond that had fallen out of my wedding ring (family heirloom). Everywhere else quoted me an astronomical number. Not only was Betz Jewelers well within my budget but they took ever percaution to ensure my ring was safe and just as beautiful once it was shipped back to me. I am so unbelievably impressed and always recommend Betz for ANY jewelry needs!!
Jean Whelehon
19:13 08 May 21
I love Betz Jewelers for many reasons, but most of all, they are the kindest/ most honest family business I've had the pleasure to do business with. I have gone their multiple times, appraisals for my jewelry, discussing a redesign for a blue topaz stone, diamond anniversary bands to go with my wedding band. Robert gave me excellent customer service and was so informative. It wasn't like the jewelry chains in the mall, that are so pushy, if you open their credit card you get better interest rates, etc. I really was there looking for a diamond anniversary band, I was indecisive, but he was patient and explained each of the bands carat weight, pros & cons matching my wedding band. I decided I needed more time to think about it. As I was walking out the door, I mentioned to him that I've always wanted diamond studs. He took me over to the case with diamond earrings and showed me many options. He brought me diamond studs that had a diamond halo jacket. It has a small lever with a hole for the post of the stud into it. Then he showed me the inner post of the jacket came out and you could wear the diamond studs with a diamond circle as a dangle. WHAT????? Little did I know these were the diamond earrings of my dreams. They gave me a great price, explained their warranty policies and it was a done deal. I love my diamond earrings and have worn them on many occasions. Thank you Robert and the entire Betz Family. It's been awhile........and my 40th Anniversary is at the end of this month.......hint, hint, Chuck.
22:42 07 May 21
I had a gold ring go through the garbage disposal and a friend recommended I take it to Betz. It looked like new once they were finished repairing it. Since then, I've taken all of my jewelry to them for repairs and appraisal. Their sales staff are amazing too. During this year of COVID, my son ordered his wife's wedding band, a little too close to the wedding date. They did everything in their power to get it expedited. The band arrived just in time.
Tim Jones
19:06 28 Mar 21
I've used Betz Jewelers several times now and have always been very happy with the work they've done. I've previously had repairs and resizing done and most recently had them reset a diamond into a ring I owned and they did an amazing job! I checked several places and they were by far the best price, as well. I highly recomment them!
Amanda Cartwright
20:16 18 Feb 21
Betz is an incredible place! They offer such unique and stunning jewelry!!! I cannot say enough good things about the business that I have done with them. My questions have always been addressed and they make me feel confident about the purchases I am making. You walk in and immediately know you're getting amazing quality pieces from a local business that cares about their customers and community. They're known for their custom made jewelry and I can tell you that you'll be thrilled with the process! Betz is so easy to work with and they make the buying process quick and seamless! 10/10 would 100% recommend!
19:11 03 Feb 21
I am very thankful for Betz Jewelers. The quality of their jewelry and the services they provide are outstanding. My wife and I are treated like family each time we visit. They have helped us create custom pieces, many of which incorporated stones from older jewelry items which were sentimental to my wife. These beautiful and one of a kind pieces will be enjoyed for many years to come. We have also purchased beautiful items from their showcase and would never think of going anywhere else. We have had the pleasure of working with the entire staff and have never been disappointed. Thank you for providing all of this for a reasonable price!
16:40 02 Feb 21
I could not be happier with my experiences at Betz. More importantly, neither could my fiance.I went into the store with a few things I knew she wanted her engagement ring to look like. Rob and Rachel taught me what all those things actually were, then showed me exactly what I was looking for. Seriously, I had a few notes written down and within a half hour, we had planned out to be custom-made.She said yes and LOVES the ring! We went back for our wedding bands and Rob knew exactly which band would match her ring, so that couldn't have been easier. Then I got another lesson about guy's wedding rings. What metal is best, diamonds or not, and more. I've never worn a ring in my life that wasn't candy, but I couldn't be more excited to wear the one we picked out!I can't say enough great things about Betz, Rob, and Rachel!
Clay Leible
13:58 28 Jan 21
I am by no means an expert when it comes to jewelry and that is why I like working with Rob and Rachel so much. They know what they are talking about and make the buying process so easy for me. Any time I need something I give them a call, let them know what I am looking for, and they have it waiting for me to pick up when I get there. Anything they have ever suggested has never disappointed!
Sara Baumgartner
22:36 27 Jan 21
Great staff and amazing jewelry. They took the time to get all the details of my custom wedding set exactly how I wanted it and nearly 4 years later I still love seeing it on my hand! Definitely recommend them for any jewelry needs.
Scott Heck
17:15 27 Jan 21
I have worked with Robert and Rachel at Betz Jewelers for several years now and have gotten to know the whole family through them and the work they’ve done for me. They are a great organization and consistently impress me with the quality and prices they put out. I recently had them make a custom ring for my wife for our 15th anniversary. It was an amazing process and turned out awesome! They even sent me a video of when they poured the molten gold into the casting! If you’re looking for something special with higher quality and more care going into it that what you find at the mall or at other jewelers, go see Robert and Rachel at Betz!
Matthew Suhr
16:15 27 Jan 21
When I used to buy jewelry somewhere else, I used to question whether or not they were just trying to sell me or tell me what was actually good quality. Rob and his staff have done a wonderful job to not only educate the consumer but also get me what I'm looking for. This is a jewelry store I can actually trust, that has good quality gems and a very educated staff. I won't shop anywhere else.
Andrew Jones
20:45 04 Dec 20
Aaron and Rob did a great job helping me with redoing my wife's wedding ring. Honest and on time this company is great and we will be back.
Emily Klaus
21:42 30 Nov 20
Had an awesome experience at Betz over the weekend. The staff were courteous, incredibly patient, and created a comfortable and stress-free environment. Every piece I showed interest in the jeweler brought it out from the case and encouraged me to interact with it more so that I could get a better idea for what I liked and didn't like. If anyone is nervous about where to go to look for a quality jeweler, Betz will not disappoint.
Ernie Ueligger
14:56 18 Nov 20
Betz Jewelers (and particularly Rob and Rachel Flynn) are terrific to work with. Betz's gallery and selection is not cookie cutter and ensure they have an option for every taste. Moreover, their jewelers are extremely talented. Before I was aware of Betz, I was a long-time customer of a different, very well-known local jeweler in town. I purchased a piece of jewelry for my wife's anniversary from said jeweler (not Betz) and after my wife wearing it a few times, it lost its shape and I thought it was unrepairable. Rob looked at it for 2 minutes, explained the design flaw, and then explained how it needed to be fixed to ensure it did not happen again. Just like that, 30 minutes later, my wife had a reinforced piece of jewelry that looked like new! Their jewelers are magicians and I wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else. The service, the professionalism, the selection, the level of workmanship....I give them all 10's!
Mark Stannard
14:53 01 Sep 20
Love Betz Jewelers. I needed a gift for my newborn grand daughter and so I went to see Rachel. She steered me towards a cute, tiny little pearl bracelet that looked adorable on the baby and my daughter and her husband loved it. Thanks Rachel and Betz Jewelers!
Daniel Moore
13:53 01 Sep 20
LC Betz Jewlers is an amazing place to find that special gift for someone. My wife and I found out that we were expecting our first child and we also were approaching our five year anniversary, so a push present/anniversary present was due! My mother in law came along to look with us, so, there was a triple threat to satisfy three vastly different people with different desires (cost, aesthetics, and quality). Rachel and Rob were able to find that perfect fit for all three of us!Birth apparently is not a fun thing to undergo (i've never pushed a baby out), but having a beautiful ring to stare at makes it just a little bit less painful (according to my spouse). We are so excited for this amazing ring and the awesome experience of buying!
Peter Riney
02:13 14 Jul 20
Highly recommend! Knowledgeable and super professional.I came in to Betz to pick something out for my 13 year old daughter and didn’t know where to start. Honestly, I was overwhelmed and out of my comfort zone. Rachel was patient and extremely helpful in picking out something with me that fit my budget and my daughter’s taste. I can’t thank them enough for making this a pleasant experience. Highly recommend them for their knowledge, professionalism, and empathy. Thanks again and will definitely come back!!
Rachel Suhr
18:45 02 Jul 20
Our experience at LC Betz began when my then boyfriend (now husband) bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace from Robert. I was wow’d by how beautiful it was and it fit my style to a tee. Robert helped guide him to the perfect piece and made sure we both loved it. Robert also helped him select my engagement ring. LC Betz designed the ring and 7 years later, I always get compliments on its beauty and elegance. I wanted to have unique jewelry for my bridesmaids and Robert designed gorgeous earrings with stones that matched my wedding perfectly. My bridesmaids were blown away. Since then, my husband has blessed with me many gifts from LC Betz. The service is second to none and they always go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. When my grandmother passed away, she left me a delicate diamond watch. It had a few broken pieces and LC Betz repaired it. They handled my family heirloom with the greatest care and kept the piece in perfect condition. I know I have dozens of other stories, but bottom line is go to LC Betz for any jewelry need. They are experts in design, repair, appraisals and purchases. They treat you like family and you will always leave with a smile on your face.
Luke Eaton
21:53 29 Jun 20
Robert was more than helpful to me. I walked in looking for engagement rings not knowing anything about rings or diamonds. He really helped me get to the finish line of what I wanted, not what he wanted to sell me and also really took the time to explain things to me so I could make and educated decision. I shopped at least 5 other jewelry stores in the area which I won’t name, but they all just wanted to get me out the door with a ring that day. And when I just wasn’t finding anything that was exactly what I wanted, he kept on ordering more rings and center stones to find me the perfect combo. I was never pressured to buy anything. Between that and being a family owned small business that’s why I made my purchase here. I must say too, I ended up with a perfect ring, and it was done ready to go just as promised. Ultimately I would highly recommend this business to anyone shopping for jewelry.
Dave Kemper
21:16 15 Feb 19
I didn't know the first thing about wedding rings and Rob was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and not the least bit pushy. They worked within my budget and we ended up getting any absolutely perfect ring. We will be going back for our wedding bands as well. I think we found our jeweler for a lifetime.
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